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The importance of a professionally designed PowerPoint presentation

Posted On Thursday, 20 May 2021

business PowerPoint template

Every company needs a professionally designed presentation because this marketing tool is the first point of contact during the negotiation process with clients/partners/investors. Moreover, the quality of the offered product or solution is being assessed based on how the product is portrayed. 

The design of an engaging pitch deck is similar to the preparation of a delicious meal. The right balanced recipe has to be followed — a cup of stock images, a teaspoon of infographics, and a pinch of business icons. The difference lies in offering your target audience a fast food meal versus a Michelin 3-star cuisine. 

Taking this into consideration, a few key elements should be considered. 

Use a business PowerPoint template, which is in line with your brand identity guidelines with the purpose to achieve consistency throughout all of your materials and online presence – brochures, website, social media profiles, etc. If you haven't developed a brand book yet, make the color scheme of your template in accordance with the colors of your logo. 

The selection of the right font is also a crucial factor. Nowadays many designers implement all kinds of web fonts, thinking that this will make the presentation look modern, but sometimes this has a negative effect because not all web fonts are suitable for presentation design – difficult to read.

Choose your images wisely because according to the saying ‘An image speaks more than a thousand words’ and if it is off the subject, you are in trouble. But a presentation without pictures is like a movie without sound. A recent study shows that 70% of the audience forgets the presented key points after half an hour, if they are presented just like bullet points on blank slides, i.e. not supported by visual elements.

Speaking of bullet points – avoid using them, especially if they are less than 10 on the slide. The best solution in this case is to use infographics instead. They make any presentation look much more professional and modern. The business icons are an inseparable part of the infographics design, making the slides even more engaging. 

Realizing the above-mentioned, many entrepreneurs apply to professional PowerPoint designers regarding the design of their corporate and marketing presentations, sales and investors pitch decks. Unfortunately, before entering into such a relationship, they forget to ask the designers if they have ever given a presentation, to understand if they were tested on the battlefield, if they felt the pulse of the audience, reacting on their visuals. And thus sometimes the entrepreneurs leave the faith of their business success in the wrong hands. 

This is of great importance especially today during the boom of disruptive technology, where most of the projects are based on unique ideas and only the entrepreneurs, who created them, know how to present them in a best way in terms of which are the key messages and how to emphasize them visually. The solution is to find a professional PowerPoint template, to roll up sleeves and to create an engaging presentation that will impress clients and partners.

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